** Lecture topics and readings are subject to change as the semester evolves. Slides will be uploaded right after class.

Date Topic Reading Note
08/17 Introduction and course overview [Slide]
Topic: Database Privacy
08/19 Data De-anonymization [Slide]
08/24 k-anonymity [Slide]
08/26 l-diversity, t-closeness [Slide]
08/31 Differential privacy [Slide] Tutorial on Differential Privacy
09/02 Private Information Retrieval (PIR) [Slide]
Topic: Online Privacy
09/07 Online tracking: stateful [Slide]
09/09 Online tracking: stateless [Slide]
09/14 Privacy tools for web browsing [Slide]
09/16 Anonymous communication [Slide]
09/21 Tor network [Slide]
09/23 Social networks and privacy [Slide]
09/28 Exam Review In class discussion
09/30 Midterm Exam In class exam Topics covered upto 09/23 (inclusive)
Topic: Machine learning and Privacy
10/05 No class (Fall break)
10/07 Privacy implications of machine learning models [Slide]
10/12 Privacy perserving machine learning [Slide]
10/14 Fairness and auditing of automated systems [Slide]
Topic: Legal Aspects of Privacy
10/19 Privacy acts and frameworks [Slide]
10/21 Privacy notices [Slide]
10/26 Privacy policy compliance [Slide]
Topic: Perception of Privacy
10/28 Westin's privacy index [Slide]
11/02 Factors influencing privacy attitude [Slide]
11/04 Modeling users' privacy preferences [Slide]
Topic: Inference Attacks
11/09 Network-level Inference attacks [Slide]
11/11 Acoustic and Motion sensor based Inference attacks [Slide]
11/16 Final Project presentations In class (10 mins per team)
11/18 Final Project presentations In class (10 mins per team)
11/23 Course and Exam Review [Slide] In class discussion
12/02 Final Exam In Class (12 pm to 2:30 pm) Excluding Mid-term Exam Content