IoT Smarthome Lab

The lab emulates a smart room inside a smart home or building. The room is equipped with various off-the-shelf IoT devices that you would typically find in a smart home or building. The list of devices includes smart voice assistants, ring door bell, smart plugs, smart lights, motion sensors, smart tv and smart routers. The list of devices is growing over time.

The lab acts as a testbed to facilitate research along the following directions:

  1. Network traffic analysis
  2. IoT app analysis
  3. Analysis of emerging communication protocol
  4. Understanding user's perception of emerging technologies

Many of the research problems are interdisciplinary in nature, fostering collaboration among researchers with machine learning, networking, signal processing, HCI, NLP and even public policy background.

Students interested in exploring the security and privacy challenges in the era of IoT are welcome to come and talk to me more about the different research projects. The following students are currently working with me on various topics:

Graduate Students:

  1. Shaohu Zhang
  2. Aafaq Sabir
  3. Dilawer Ahmed
  4. Ahsan Zafar
  5. Md Jakaria
  6. Abhinaya S.B.

Undergraduate Students:

  1. Daniel Nolting
  2. Kevin Childs